Sunday, June 05, 2005


Okay. You got me. Now I'm blogging too. Thanks Dan and Jim. What began as a dormant site created simply so as to have an identity with which to post on other blogs has turned into this. I'm planning on posting sketches and drawings, etc. here as often as I can as incentive to keep working at it. We'll see what happens. Here's a little of what to expect. A lot of what goes up here will be human figure drawings and gestures. Pretty much all of my figure drawings will be nude. If you're against that sort of thing, you should probably make your way (in an orderly fashion, of course) to the nearest exit. If not, pull up a chair and try to enjoy. If you hate what you see, chances are you're not alone, so you can take solace in that fact. If you like what you see, you've brought great joy to this old, Italian stereotype. Either way, thanks for wasting some time with me looking at my stuff.


Avril said...

I love wastin my time looking at other peoples stuff, so no prob.

~by the time you finish reading this you realize you wasted 5 seconds of your life~

Post Modern Ennui said...

Damn... you're right. There's 5 seconds I'll never get back.

Ah well. Thanks for visiting.