Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I see red...

Well, guess who did some sketching this past weekend. If you guessed me, you've won. I've no prizes to share, but I do have these two sketches from a Sunday afternoon at Starbucks. The new Gorillaz album, "Demon Days," is good to sketch to, by the way. While I'm at it, Static-X's and Dream Theater's new albums ("Start a War" and "Octavarium," respectively) are quite good too. I digress. You didn't come here for music. You came here for sketches. And chances are you came here because you know me personally and have for many, many years. Hell, if you don't know me, but visit anyway, leave a comment and say hi or give me links to other sketch-blogs you've enjoyed more than mine. I'm just curious to see how vast my audience is for this while finding other folks with more talent whose work I can look at and silently seethe with jealousy. Ah, yes... onto the sketches. Click for a larger view... like in the deal.


The Fu said...

" Click for a larger view... like in the deal."

The sketches are awesome and so was that quote.

Post Modern Ennui said...

Thank Fu very much.