Thursday, November 10, 2005


Yeah. It's been awhile. I know. Same as it ever was, you can click for a larger view... or not. I'm finding it fairly difficult to give a fuck. This is something I did rather quickly in Photoshop. I decided to dust off the wacom tablet and try my hand at some digital art. Here's the proof that I suck as much as I expected. Still there's a darkness in this image that's just disturbing enough to post here where almost no one will ever see it. I'm finding it fairly difficult to give a fuck. ~PME

"I can't remember how this got started
But I can tell you exactly how it will end"
-Nine Inch Nails


The Fu said...

Dude you do NOT suck.... That pic does have a very disturbing and dark tinge to it.

Here... I'll put a quick story to it.

"The face in the picture is a representation of Jorg the Bringer. Ancients off-shoot tribes of vikings would tell tales of how Jorg would one day have his mouth opened. Once he did, he would utter the words of Ragnarok bringing doom to all who lacked courage."

See? How could it suck if it inspired me to think of that sotry off the top of my head? Ok so it may not be a gret story but it's a cool pic.

Post Modern Ennui said...

Despite your emphatic contradiction, I assure you that I do indeed suck. This is not a knock on me as much as it is a recognition of other good work out there realistically compared to mine. That story is cool though and makes me like the image more. Maybe you and I should collaborate on a graphic novel or something. A couple of fancy, fine artistes spinning exotic tales and raking in the bread. Dig it.

I really want to figure out Painter at some point in my life... I still think PhotoShop's painting tools are extremely unintuitive.