Monday, February 27, 2006

Will Draw for Coffee

There's something grotesque about this rendering that's both the worst thing and the best thing about it if I may critique my own work... and I may... it's my blog after all. Here's a plug for the book I took this pose from, Anatomy for the Artist . It's pretty good if you like quality hardcover books and, honestly, who the hell doesn't?

Well, besides you.

Book hater.

And here's a Post-It collage. That's it. I hope you're happy.

I had visited Drawn! earlier and been guided to The Art of David Ho. Disturbing, sure, but I'll be surprised if I don't own one of his prints in the near future. I love this stuff.

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RP said...


After a most pleasant perambulation through the Internets, I happened upon your site. I reside at Posit ennui, and decided it would be a ripping wheeze to run these lexemes through the Google formula. The aforementioned equation brought me hither.

I found the musings and sketches most delightful!

I shall return.

More felicity anon,